Congratulations to Dorothy Cassetta! 

Our iScore5APHG Featured teacher of the month. 
​Check out our full interview with Dorothy below:

What is your mission as a Geography Educator?
My mission as a Geography Educator is to provide my students with the tools they need to analyze patterns and connections in the world. My hope is that they see how much we all have in common, rather than focus on differences. My class is all Geography, all the time. Every day we work with maps, globes, data, images, GIS and primary sources.

How iScore5 has helped your students prepare and study in your class?
My students appreciate the “flashcard” style of the vocabulary review. But, by far the most helpful part of iScore5 is the questions. The more practice students get with AP level questions, the more successful they are.

What is your most awesome AP Human Geography lesson plan that you’d like to share with our teacher network?

The lesson my students most often mention as their favorite is the Grocery Store field study. The students visit local grocery stores and analyze food production, imports and exports, climate and seasons, marketing, and food costs. I teach in a suburban school, and the field study helps students to understand the sources of our food.

Any advice to students taking geography this year and will be taking the AP Human Geography Exam?
My best advice for students taking AP Human Geography is to make their study of Geography an everyday activity. A little Geography every day is much more productive than trying to do a lot of Geography on one day. And, of course, use the iScore5 app!