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Our updated app is now available on iPhone and Android.
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Our app is now available on iPhone and Android!
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New Features for the 2018 Updated App!

High-quality practice questions written by Advanced Placement Readers

Portable, flexible with the ability to review when you have the time

Over 800 Psychology Vocabulary Terms

Game style format in which you earn points for completing each level or chapter

100s of practice questions at easy, medium, and difficult questions

Full 100 question-timed AP®-style practice exam

Bonus questions to test you knowledge of famous people and studies in psychology

AP Psychology is a course that will help you learn more about yourself and the others around you.

The iScore5 AP Psychology app allows you to learn about topics such as motivation, social psychology, disorders and treatment, and research methods by mastering the content for the AP exam and having fun at the same time!

The app provides over 800 key terms and definitions for the courses 14 content areas in an interactive format. You will first encounter easy AP style exam questions in level 2, medium questions in level 3 and, when you are ready, challenging questions in level 4 that will be certain to get your prepared for the Advanced Placement exam in May.


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Hundreds of

Practice Questions.

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Subject Lead: Laura Brandt | College DuLeman | Geneva, Switzerland

Subject Lead: Nancy Fenton | Adlai E. Stevenson High School | Illinois

Jason Young | Hunter College, City University of New York | New York
Amy Ramponi | Kimberly High School | Wisconsin
Jessica Flitter | West Bend East High School | Wisconsin
Tina Athanasopoulos | John Hersey High School | Illinois
Jennifer Schlicht | Olathe South High School | Kansas
Drew Christopher | Albion College | Michigan
Allison Shaver | Plymouth South High School | Massachusetts
Brad Wray | Arundel High School | Maryland
Maria Vita | Penn Manor High School | Pennsylvania
Virginia Welle | Chippewa Falls High School | Wisconsin
Michael Berndt | Apollo High School | Minnesota
Alan Feldman | Glen Rock High School | New Jersey
Michael McClane | Sterling Heights High School | Michigan
Joan Brandt | Editor
Jan Dorsey | Editor