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Frequently Asked Questions

Are our apps available for sale on google play and apple?

All of our apps are available in both Apple and the Google Play stores.

Google Play



Are the apps updated on an on-going basis

All of our apps are updated based on changes in the course articulation and when needed as an on-going process to be sure of reliability.

How do I know the questions are authentic and relevant to what is being asked on the AP exam?

All of our questions are modeled after the specific types of questions asked on the specific AP exam. For example, whether it be free response questions (FRQs) or short answer questions (SAQs), document based questions (DBQs or Long Essay Questions (LEQs). As well as the multiple choice questions asked on all the exams we have an app for. We also provide an extensive list of vocabulary terms which are important to learn and apply in these specific classes.

Who writes our questions?

All of our questions are written by long standing teachers in the individual subjects. Many of our question writers are former test development committee members, College Board consultants and have written or co-wrote traditional test prep books.

How did we get our start?

Greg, Ken and Paul made the decision to start iScore5 with a discussion while we were together at the AP Human Geography reading in Cincinnati, June, 2014. We asked two of our former students to act in the role of developers. We launched our first app, for AP Human Geography, during the spring of 2015.

Why did we start iScore5?

Greg, Ken and Paul decided to start iScore5 after discussing the need for a study app that reflected the 21st century technology and media being used by students. We believed that the traditional test prep, review book, could be augmented by creating an app that could be used on the smart devices that students were spending an increasing amount of time utilizing. The app is also being used as a teaching tool throughout the school year by teachers in their classrooms.

How do we determine which disciplines to create apps for?

We base our decision on creating new apps on perceived need along with our relationships with experts in those subjects.

How do you know our questions are good?

All of our questions were written by experts in the specific content areas. Teachers who have been involved in teaching students and training teachers in these courses for a number of years.

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