Achieve AP®
World History


Achieve AP®
World History


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 – Covers the six time periods of AP® World History
 – Includes a TWO Timed Practice Exams: 110 stimulus-based multiple choice questions, short answers, a document-based essay question, AND a long essay question!
 – Provides writing tips to improve essay scores
 – Supported learning with answers and explanations for each question
 – Perfect for a quick review or an intense study session


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With our world history app, enjoy preparing for your AP exam as you journey through the history of the human race and how humankind developed in time encompasses the study of philosophy, art, language, literature and political history.

Review interesting details that reveal the complexity through the study of people, places, events and how all of these relate in time. We can begin to understand others and ourselves by studying world history. We can learn to be more tolerant of others, maybe even be front-runners in avoiding future wars–or know when our only recourse is to fight.

Learning with the iScore5 World History app will help you study and prepare for your AP exam, and maybe even help you change the world someday!

The app comes equipped with two practice stimulus-based multiple choice exams with practice writing prompts for Short Answer Questions, Document-Based Question, and Long Essay Questions, over 1200+ vocabulary definition flashcards, over 1750+ knowledge-based practice questions covering all six time periods and the five themes at 4 different levels of difficulty.

Finally, you can learn while you play by downloading the iScore5 World History app!


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The Latest App Updates

New + Additional 55 stimulus-based question practice exam

Improved original and rewritten 110 stimulus-based question practice exam

EIGHT total FRQ essays

FOUR short answer questions

ONE document-based question

THREE long essay questions

All updated to meet new AP World History Exam-Style questions

Plus! Writing tips for essay writing support and success

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A combined 100 years of experience teaching AP® World History!


 – Contributed and edited AP® World History reviews and textbooks
 – Attend the AP® World History
​Exam Reading


Contributed and edited AP® World History reviews and textbooks
Attend the AP® World History
​Exam Reading

Subject Lead: James Rowland | The Woodlands High School | Texas

Chris Peek | Bellaire High School | Texas

Kate Nocca | Bellaire High School | Texas
Kyle Kerstetter | Red Land High School | Pennsylvania
Katyln Cappolino | The Woodlands High School | Texas
Judy Hirshey | Conroe High School | Texas
Robert Thornton | Harmony Public Schools | Texas
Heinz Schmidt | Obra D. Tompkins High School | Texas
Jennifer Kleiber | Cypress Ranch High School | Texas