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iScore5™  is THE best test prep app to get students ready for their AP® exams.

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"Told a student in person about her AP score. Her response...'I guess iScore5 really works". #iScore5 is the best!.'"

– Lauren Jacquez, AP Teacher

"After using the iScore5 app, I saw a full 10 point rise on what my student had been getting (and what I had projected her at) to what she actually got."

– Jamie Stallings, AP Teacher

"I really believe in this app because it has brought together concepts I have been learning all year. I downloaded iscore5 and I have become addicted! I love trivia games and this app keeps testing my knowledge and teaching me about a subject I love!"

-Isabella Vandenbos, AP Student

“I got a 5! Awesome app :)”

The app is super super helpful for identifying your weaknesses and strengths! It was super helpful for quick review in the car or waiting for food in a restaurant. I would recommend using it with other study tools such as a workbook and your textbook. It’s also great for exposing yourself to different terminology (if that makes sense?). We would use different terms for the same word/definition in class and this app would use a different term for the same definition, thus allowing me to still recognize the word if college board decided to use the other term we hadn’t used in class. This app won’t guarantee you a five, but if you use it to your advantage, it can really help out! Worth the money 🙂

-Kristi Ando, AP Student

“Great for AP exam”

I love how the questions get harder as I go along on this app. I also like that I can study any unit I want. Great app!

– AP Teacher

“Finally Done”

This app was a tremendous help on the Ap psychology Final. I went in feeling confident that I would pass. I won’t know my score until July. But I know I passed. Thank you.

– Garrett Parnell, AP Student


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The goal is simple: Help students maximize their scores on the AP exam in a FUN way. Everything is designed like a trivia game for students, with running scores, leader boards, bonus and double bonus rounds. Plus, you have the ability to unlock levels as you progress through levels of learning.